Overheads from OHIO '99

The Fifth National Patient Conference - Fibromyalgia Alliance of America
August 13-15, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio

Title of talk: Lessons from the Front

Introduction: Being Sick is Hard Work!

Overhead #1: Find the Right Doctor

Overhead #2: Educate Yourself

Overhead #3: Confront Your Emotions

Overhead #4: Find Support

Overhead #5: Set Limits

Overhead #6: Understand Acceptance

Conclusion: Learning to live successfully with chronic illness is nothing more, or less, than learning to live a balanced life. When our expectations and our desires are out of line with our abilities and our resources, we are bound to feel poorly. Accepting ourselves as full and worthwhile human beings who happen to have a chronic illness is not the end of our journey. Rather, self-acceptance and self-care are the beginning of a healthier and more fulfilling existence.